This is the LiDe site
Hi all! Welcome to the official LiDe main page
Remeber that is already a early beta
Current version: 0.80
Version 0.81 released 14-September-2007 19.36
Released a minor bugfix of LiDe You can download it from the download page.

Version 0.80 released 29-July-2007 14.51
Released LiDe version 0.80. With it come also the plugin StandAlone Creator v1.8.6 The changelog:
LiDe: -Added "New source" dialog.
-Added image viewing
-Added simple text viewer
-Added printing and preview for image and text

-Now find\replace works fine.
-Added gray background to selected match, so it's visible also when the form is not focused.

-Now the compiler doesn't block the application
-Added compiling information with Time, Current Action, Prograss Bar.

-Added on IHost the CompileSource() function.
-Added Print routine from Microsoft.

-Version 1.8.6
-Added "Compile source" option.

Fixed a lot of minor bug.
You can download it from the download page.

First version released! 29-July-2007 14.51
Released the first public release, version 0.71 You can download it from the download page.

Site is opened! 27-July-2007
From today the LiDe site is opened to the public.